Hi, I'm Anne



I have lived in Haines City since 1979. My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, and I have raised our daughter and grandchildren here. I am a breast cancer survivor which resulted in a medical retirement. For 33 years I was a Senior Executive Director of some popular resorts in Kissimmee and Orlando. In those roles, I was responsible for creating and managing resorts with 30M+ budgets and managed huge teams of over 350 employees. My training is two-fold; being fiscally responsible and provide outstanding customer service. I am a strong, vocal supporter of Law Enforcement and a staunch advocate for our local Police. When given a choice between Equity and Equality, I choose Equity because all Americans deserve the opportunity to be treated fairly and without discrimination.


There are many accomplishments I am proud to have contributed to and programs I've suggested being well-received by my colleagues and staff.  However, I will mention these few:

A) Fought alongside the residents in the EAST PARK AREA on the east side of the city to shut down a City-partnered Compost site that residents were constantly communicating the stench, droppings, and illness they were experiencing.

B) During my first 60 days of office I resurrected the Oakland Pool Replacement Project in the northeast side of the city. My tenacity and perseverance resulted in the City agreeing to find funding through CRA(Community Redevelopment Agency) funding to construct a pool built in the 1960s during segregation that closed down because of major safety issues.

C) Peninsular Drive Area, the oldest neighborhood in the city was promised a much-needed roadway improvement and after a change in administration, the future for this project was bleak.  I advocated for the residents there and shared my notes of the city's commitment and it was revived and the residents had a major say in the construction.

D) I have voted for the expansion of ALDI and the relocation of CARVANA.  These two major corporations provide over 600 local jobs.

E) Growth is important but the quality of life for the current residents is far more important. I have voted on new housing developments that will result in over 10,000 homes.  However, I only voted on those with green space for parks and a playground, and wider sidewalks for the physically challenged. I consistently express my concerns on the need for more traffic lights and the congestion with little relief on the current residents.


Equality + Equity = Opportunity

I'm committed to advocating for the following as your elected City Official:






I will hold accountable our City's staff and governing boards to reflect the people it serves, and decision-makers who genuinely and enthusiastically fight for greater opportunity and better quality of life for the residents we represent.